Monday, September 12, 2016


Natasha and I had a fantastic day yesterday at the DUNDAS ARTISAN MARKET.

We had storms here in Ontario the day before but the sun shone on Sunday , although the wind at times, knocked things down, the weather was cooperating nicely.  We had the Goddesses on our side.

Natasha debuted her DREAMWEAVERS and they were a huge hit.  So unique with crystals and charm on them, pieces of hanging art.  She will be making more for her Etsy Shop FEATHER & SKYE soon.

I almost sold out of MY HIPPIE HEART KIMONOS, KAFTANS & FLOWER CHILD KIMONOS.  It was kind of funny, at first a few people looked and then suddenly women descended on the rack like little birds to birdseed!  It was amazing seeing everyone try them on and fall in love with them, one lovely lady bought 4!  Thanks to my sweet hubby for building me the rack and attaching a full length mirror to the end.

MY HIPPIE HEART JEWELLRY  did not sell nor my TAROT BAGS but I guess it was the wrong venue for that.  All in all we had a wonderful day meeting really nice people and seeing some adorable dogs.  Everyone brought their dogs to the park and they were all really well behaved.  A great day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I have been working steadily getting ready for Sunday Sept. 11th Dundas Artisan Market.  Sewing, painting, working my butt off.

Buddha Kitty is all ready to show her stuff.  For the show I have created Buddha Kitty and Babi Buddha as a set as well as my Halloween Booda Kitty and one very special, never to be made again, Bunnie Buddha.

I did not realize how much jewellry I have made for my Etsy shop over the past year.  This is just a portion I still have some I am not taking.

My husband and I created these great stands from old shutters to hold my paintings.  The Halloween ones look so good I am kind of hoping they don't sell I will display them for Halloween in the house.

I went a little crazy with the Kimonos and Kaftans, there is a huge selection.

I made little Charm Bags with Worry dolls, blessings and vials of Citrine.  Also beautiful Hmong Mini Pillows I had I turned into Blessing Charms with baby buddhas and blessing bells.

Took a drive down to the Dundas Driving Range today to have a look at the space and I was very pleased to see it is a nice compact area with lots of trees now I have just keeping my fingers crossed for no rain.

If you live in the are (Dundas, Ancaster, Hamilton,) stop by we would really love to see you.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Thursday, August 18, 2016


I said I would never do another Show but this one came up and I have a lot of stock so I am giving it one more try.

I find Artisan Shows exhausting.  We have done quite a few and the getting ready ,set up, take down, is really tiring.  It makes for a long day if you don't sell anything but the booth price was right and I do have a lot of stuff so her I go again.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016


It was a lovely cool August morning today here in Jerseyville.  I sat in my favourite chair with my coffee and the peace and serenity of a farm morning.

I have the best view of the farm from my chair.  I can see out through the woods and watch the birds sit in the trees waiting for their turn in the bird feeder.  I  see the gorgeous blue sky peeking through the umbrella of luscious green leaves and watch the squirrels frolick up and down the trees finally settling in the feeder for breakfast.

On the porch I enjoy the early morning aroma of the herbs as their oils are released into the fresh crisp summer air.  I love having my potted herb garden on the porch, it is functional and beautiful and I just sit there sometimes reading and touching the herbs just to smell that wonderful scent.

I hung Boston Ferns up all over this summer the heat does not do well with the flowers here, not this year anyway.  They are growing so large I am very happy with them.  The little sign I painted for our son and daughter-in-law's Alice in Wonderland Wedding party so I hung it outside of the door, great memories!

The past few mornings I have been enjoying Mimi Thorisson's book " A KITCHEN IN FRANCE"  it is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read.  Mimi has a blog called MANGER  full of photos taken by her husband, and recipes by her.  The book is about their life in France with their 7 children ( she just had a baby boy this summer)  and many, many dogs, in a fabulous country house is so visual and well written you feel like you are a guest in her kitchen.

I was thrilled when I visited MANGER today and saw that Mimi has a new book being released in October called FRENCH COUNTRY COOKING which is as beautifully photographed and detailed as A KITCHEN IN FRANCE. I have pre ordered it through Amazon.  Click the link to have a look at the new book on her blog MANGER.

Last today, we have had a little visitor staying with us since Thursday.  His name is Mr. Magoo and he is a blind, since birth, 1 1/2 year old multipoo.  He is absolutely adorable and came into our Foster Program with RESCUE DOGS MATCH.  We are fostering him until the weekend when he will go to his new foster home, we will miss him but we already have 4 dogs, and big ones, so I think we are at our limit.

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely August.

blessings & bliss

Sunday, July 31, 2016


Finally the heat let up today here in Ontario.  It rained a lovely hard rain Saturday morning, greatly needed.

The lettuce and tomatoes are finally coming along.  I have some different heirlooms this year, little purple tomatoes, cannot wait to see what they taste like.

The person I order my seeds from sent me a bonus package.  I lost the package and do not remeber what this is.  They start out looking like a cucumber but are getting round...anyone know what this mystery vegetable is?

The Snowball bush bloomed this week, it is very old.  Queen Anne's Lace is everywhere I just love it's delicate flower.  I did not plant many colourful flowers this season but I always plant the Lobelia, love that blue.

The front gardens are a vision in green, too shady for flowers but I love the different green palate.  The dogs enjoy it too.

We have a lot of birds and squirrels that we feed as well as chipmunks so we decided instead of a lot of little feeders to build one big one.  They all seem to enjoy it and the dogs hang around there chasing the squirrels, they never have caught one, thank goodness.

A few weeks ago I was working in the studio when Alley started barking her head off.  I looked out the window and right in front of me was this little guy.  A red Squirrel!  He is very tiny.  I thought the dogs had scared him away but he came back and this little guy takes no bullying from the dogs.  He squeaks at them and sits on the feeder and has his meals.

I should always keep my camera with me.  Today at the screened door of the studio on the fences was a beautiful Hawk just sitting there watching me work, lots of canaries this year too.

Out in the back gardens everything is slowing blooming, it seemed to take longer this summer.  Alice and the Cheshire Cat have held up very well since our son's wedding 6 years ago.  the Cone Flowers just bloomed.  Everything is doing nicely since that rain.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and enjoying some of this cooler weather.